National Archives


To acquire, preserve and provide access to documentation, in whatever format, which comprises a legal and historical record of Zimbabwe’s past and present

The department undertakes to-

    1. Reply to letters within twelve working days from day of receipt. Information provided will be accurate and reliable.
    2. Produce material requested by researchers within fifteen minutes of the Control Desk Officer receiving the request slip.
    3. Give clients access within one month (in the case of archives and manuscripts) and two months (in the case of library materials) to material whose processing has been completed, checked and approved. Access shall be provided through professionally-compiled and accurate catalogues/inventories/indexes
    4. Publish, once a year, a comprehensive list of Zimbabwe publications produced and deposited during the year as well as a list of all State archives and privately- donated manuscripts processed during the year.
    5. Deliver requested records within three working days of receiving the request. Urgently requested material will be delivered within 24 hours.

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