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Human Resources.


To be a model of excellence leading through specialized knowledge and serving through best practices to the Ministry of Home Affairs.


To provide quality Human Resources services to the Ministry. To plan for Human Resources development for the Ministry of Home Affairs and to attend to human resource issues emanating from Home Affairs clients.


 In pursuit of our vision and mission we commit ourselves to uphold the following values:-




Continuous improvement.


 The Department expects relentless performance from its members and is accountable for its actions


 The Department shall at all times treat all clients with courtesy and fairness. Clients’ views and concerns will be sought constantly as the department strives to improve its service delivery and responsiveness to the clients’ needs.


 In execution of its mandate, the Human Resources Department performs the following functions:-


Justifies to the Civil Service commission the need for any changes to its establishment such as upgrading of sections, departments, creation and abolition of posts.

Makes analysis of financial implications on changes and negotiates with the civil Service Commission and Treasury for funding and creation of additional posts or upgrading or professionalism of sections or departments. 


Defence the Ministry’s wages, salaries and allowances budget in the Ministry of Finance during budget preparation period.

Monitors and manages the salaries and wages bll for the Ministry throughout the year.


Contributes to the formation of the Ministry’s Human Resources policies and strategic plans.

Develops the Ministry’s Human Resources plan to complement the strategic plan and gives overall direction to Human Resources Department on its role in the achievement of organisational goals.

Implements Human Resources policies, regulations and procedures in consultation with the Civil Service Commission.


Identifies vacant posts for promotions, transfers and regarding.

Conducts interviews.

Produces monthly reports on recruitment to the Civil Service Commission.


Implements and monitors staff training programmes and workshops.

Provides liaison and advisory services to the Ministry on disciplinary matters.

Attends to misconduct reviews, appeals and High Court cases launched by former employees of the Ministry.


Coordinates and monitors health and safety issues within the Ministry.

Streams HIV/AIDS interventions into organisational activities.

Establishes, monitors and updates Ministerial HIV/AIDS policies and sector policies.


Initiates reviews, monitors and improves the Ministry’s Human Resources information system.


Lotteries and Gaming

The Lotteries and Gaming Board operates in terms of the Lotteries and Gaming Act [Chapter 10 : 26],  The Board consist of a chairman and eight other members appointed by the Minister of Home Affairs.


Functions of the board are to:-


  • Regulate and control development and operation of all Lotteries and Gaming Activities.
  • Grant, renew, transfer and terminate licences in terms of the Lotteries Activities.
  •  Ensure that licenses comply with the conditions of their licences.
  • Define areas in which casinos may be established and operate
  • Approve gaming devices


The day to day Activities of the Board are performed by the Board Secretary.  The Board Secretary is also responsible for supervising the Board staff.


Applicants for a casino licence should submit the following requirements to the Board Secretary.


  • Building plans, indicating the following:-
  • 50 rooms to be built minimum.
  • The casino area clearly indicating where the slot machines and the tables would be located.
  • Toilet for male and female should be separate from the main hotel i.e. (for the casino only).
  • Security positions i.e. security systems, strong rooms and vaults.
  •  Bar positions
  •  Fire escape points and any other details that you want to include for the casino area.


The Director should submit:-


 Proof of working experience in the casino industry.


  • Comprehensive business plan demonstrating viability
  • A set of fingerprints
  • $10 vetting fees
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  •  Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company that includes a clause authorizing the company to carry on casino business
  • CR 14 which indicates the names of all the Directors
  • Indication of casino experience should be given
  •  Proof of ownership of land on which the hotel will be built.
  • Financial position evidencing concrete capacity to acquire the casino devices.


When all the above have been submitted and approved – the applicant will be issued with an enabling document.




National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe

·         Preservation of national  monuments

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Forensic Science



To be the best Forensic Science service provider and meet international quality standards, thus, deterring crime and delivering justice through good science.




To provide an effective and impartial forensic science service to stakeholders, thus facilitating the speed and integrity of justice delivery by the criminal justice system.




Keenly observing the core values of Professionalism, Integrity, Objectivity, Ethical Conduct, Team Spirit, Competency and Efficiency.



This Department carries responsibilities that are critical to the national criminal justice system.  Its mandate is to provide Forensic science expertise for criminal and civil cases through:-


  • Analysis of criminal and civil exhibits
  •  Crime scene examination and reconstruction
  •  Presentation of expert evidence and testimony in courts of law
  •  Training stakeholders


National Archives


To acquire, preserve and provide access to documentation, in whatever format, which comprises a legal and historical record of Zimbabwe’s past and present

The department undertakes to-

    1. Reply to letters within twelve working days from day of receipt. Information provided will be accurate and reliable.
    2. Produce material requested by researchers within fifteen minutes of the Control Desk Officer receiving the request slip.
    3. Give clients access within one month (in the case of archives and manuscripts) and two months (in the case of library materials) to material whose processing has been completed, checked and approved. Access shall be provided through professionally-compiled and accurate catalogues/inventories/indexes
    4. Publish, once a year, a comprehensive list of Zimbabwe publications produced and deposited during the year as well as a list of all State archives and privately- donated manuscripts processed during the year.
    5. Deliver requested records within three working days of receiving the request. Urgently requested material will be delivered within 24 hours.

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