Lotteries and Gaming

The Lotteries and Gaming Board operates in terms of the Lotteries and Gaming Act [Chapter 10 : 26],  The Board consist of a chairman and eight other members appointed by the Minister of Home Affairs.


Functions of the board are to:-


  • Regulate and control development and operation of all Lotteries and Gaming Activities.
  • Grant, renew, transfer and terminate licences in terms of the Lotteries Activities.
  •  Ensure that licenses comply with the conditions of their licences.
  • Define areas in which casinos may be established and operate
  • Approve gaming devices


The day to day Activities of the Board are performed by the Board Secretary.  The Board Secretary is also responsible for supervising the Board staff.


Applicants for a casino licence should submit the following requirements to the Board Secretary.


  • Building plans, indicating the following:-
  • 50 rooms to be built minimum.
  • The casino area clearly indicating where the slot machines and the tables would be located.
  • Toilet for male and female should be separate from the main hotel i.e. (for the casino only).
  • Security positions i.e. security systems, strong rooms and vaults.
  •  Bar positions
  •  Fire escape points and any other details that you want to include for the casino area.


The Director should submit:-


 Proof of working experience in the casino industry.


  • Comprehensive business plan demonstrating viability
  • A set of fingerprints
  • $10 vetting fees
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  •  Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company that includes a clause authorizing the company to carry on casino business
  • CR 14 which indicates the names of all the Directors
  • Indication of casino experience should be given
  •  Proof of ownership of land on which the hotel will be built.
  • Financial position evidencing concrete capacity to acquire the casino devices.


When all the above have been submitted and approved – the applicant will be issued with an enabling document.




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