Board of Censors



To be the best providers of moral guidance and advisers to the public on entertainment matters in Zimbabwe as provided for in the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act [Chapter 10 : 04].




To regulate, monitor and control the public exhibition of films, the importation, production, dissemination and possession of undesirable of prohibited film material, publications, pictures/photographs, statues and records and the giving of any form of public entertainment.




The Board of Censors operates in terms of the Censorship and Entertainment (Control) Act [chapter 10 : 04].  The Board is composed of the chairman and eight other members.  Board members report to the Minister.  Secretarial services of the Board are provided by the Board Secretary.


  • Examine any article or public entertainment submitted.


  • Make such inquiries as it may consider necessary in regard to any publication, picture, statue, record or public entertainment which is alleged to be or which the Board has reason to believe is of an unsuitable nature to the public.


  • Advise the Minister in regard to any matter arising out of the application of any provision of the Censorship and Entertainment (control) Act.


  • Process results of Publications Committee


  • Gazette banned and prohibited material


  • Catalogue banned and released material


  • Review films and consider Publications

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